Middle School Student: Stories and Lessons

Each Connect With Kids story is approximately 4 to 8 minutes in length and is accompanied by several Deeper Look videos 45-second to 1.5-minute length. Each video focuses on one young person’s story while Deeper Look videos provide the perspectives of teachers, experts, parents, and other children on the topic. Downloadable lesson plans, pre-viewing and discussion guides, and reflection pages support classroom implementation, professional development, parent/family meetings, and other groups to explore the topics in meaningful, developmentally appropriate ways. Click on the boxes below.


Middle School Lesson Plans for Grades 6-8
Click the images below to download Connect with Kids middle school lesson plans for digital citizenship topics.


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Video & Print

Video Series with Lesson Plans
Each Connect with Kids reality-based program streams in five segments. Download an accompanying lesson plan with discussion questions and classroom activity for each segment.

Video & Print

Video Shorts with Print Downloads and Discussion Questions
Watch a short two-minute video featuring real kids and their stories with accompanying discussion questions.