SEL Curricula: Middle School Students

The lessons on this page are connected through a theme of SEL. As you review, please check to see if the lessons are standalone or connected to a video found elsewhere on the website. Many focus on the executive function skills necessary to succeed in high school and beyond, and most include one or more articles to analyze and use as the basis for original projects and/or presentations. Check back often, as this page will be updated on a regular basis.

  • Accountable Talk

    Students use accountable talk sentence stems in a “ridiculous debate” and translate commonly used phrases into accountable talk.

  • Advice Column, Part 1

    Students analyze advice column letters and advice responses as basis for writing their own letters. They will then select a letter that is not their own and write an advice response.

  • Advice Column, Part 2

    Students assume the role of advice columnists and write a response to a letter seeking advice.

  • Being Calm

    Students practice visualization exercises to bring them to a state of being calm.

  • Calming Down

    Students practice exercises for calming down and apply them to situations they have experienced.

  • Facing the Queen Bee/Top Cat

    Students will write relational aggression gossip scenarios based on cues given by the teacher, and as a group determine what it would take to make the right thing happen in each situation.

  • Flag on the Play, Part 1

    Students identify warning signs of unhealthy friendships and create metaphors using flag and card systems from different sports.

  • Flag on the Play, Part 2

    Students create an original card/flag system for warning signs of healthy and unhealthy friendships.

  • Friendship Values

    Students determine what they value most in a friend and create an artistic expression of those values. (Note: It is suggested to do this lesson before the two Flag on the Play lessons.)

  • Listening & Me

    Students identify good listening skills and create and analyze scenarios that illustrate good and poor listening skills.

  • Listening & Me Part 2

    How can we improve our listening skills in close relationships?

  • Staying Calm

    Students create mantras to help them stay calm.

  • Working Memory: Three-Letter Words

    Working in pairs, students listen to a list and rearrange letters into words to practice using their working memory.

  • Throw (Numbers)!

    Students play a game to practice both their basic math skills and using their working memory.

  • Mnemonics

    Students create classroom posters for mnemonics that will enhance their studies.